About hard bounces, soft bounces and bounce management


A bounce is an email whose delivery was rejected by the recipient email server.


Hard bounces

Recipients cause hard bounces when their e-mail addresses are no longer valid. The receiving server then sends an automatic message to our server, which the system reads and interprets.

Soft bounces

In contrast, soft bounces occur when e-mails are rejected, mostly due to a temporary failure. This can happen, for example, if the recipient’s mailbox is crowded or if the receiving server is temporarily unavailable.

Bounce management

  • You can view and edit all bounces in your customer account.
  • In the main menu click on Recipient and then select the Bounce Management tab.
  • Bounces are not automatically removed from mailing lists. We therefore recommend manually deleting recipients with at least one hard bounce from the mailing list.
  • However, if a recipient’s address causes two hard bounces, the system automatically refrains from sending a newsletter again for the next 60 days. You will receive a message in the system.