All the Merge Tags


We’ve got some great merge tags to help you personalize and customize your campaigns.


Recipient e-mail address


ID of the e-mailing


Date of the e-mail


Subject of the e-mail



Unsubscribe hyperlink

<a href="§§link_unsubscribe§§">Unsubscribe</a>

If recipients no longer want to receive e-mails, they can use this link to unsubscribe from the mailing list. This link is automatically included in all templates.

Hyperlink browser view

<a href="§§link_browserview§§">View online version</a>

Recipients use this link to view newsletters in their browser, in case their e-mail program can’t display it properly. The online version is personalized using recipients’ data.

Hyperlink browser view (anonymous)

<a href="§§link_browserview_anonymous§§">View online version</a>

Is equivalent to §§link_browserview§§, however the online version is not personalized.

Social sharing

Share on Facebook

<a href="§§link_facebook_share§§">Share on Facebook</a>

Recipients use this link to share newsletters on Facebook.

Share on Twitter

<a href="§§link_twitter_share§§">Share on Twitter</a>

Recipients use this link to share newsletters on Twitter. The Twitter message will take the following form:

§§email_subject§§ - §§link_browserview_anonymous§§