How can I use my own domain for my White Label version?


Here you will learn what you need to do to use your own (sub)domain in the White Label solution. Following these instructions, the created (sub)domain later serves solely for the use of the online software (“Customer Interface”). It is not intended to have a separate domain as the sender’s address when sending newsletter to your customers.

Step 1: Set CNAME-Entries

Search for a domain or a sub-domain that will be used exclusively for the White Label solution. If your domain is, you could, for instance, set up a subdomain called

In addition, CNAME-Entries from the sub-domain can be adjusted as follows (The establishment of a domain is analogous): IN CNAME IN CNAME


Step 2: Send the info to the support team

In order for us to make the appropriate settings, we need a short message with the domain used.