How do I build a signup form for my website?


This section describes how to create a signup form for your newsletter that you can add to your website. A form lets visitors register for your newsletter on your website.

Registering new addresses on the subscribe form is always for a specific receiver list. Signup forms are therefore always assigned to a specific receiver list. That’s why you’ll find the configuration panel for the forms in the detailed views for receiver lists.

Creating a new form

  1. Click on Subscribers in the main menu.
  2. Now select the recipient list for which you want to create a registration form.
  3. Then click on the Subscribe Forms tab.
  4. You can now create a new subscribe form for the selected list.
  5. You can name your form in the HTML title field (e.g. “subscribe to our newsletter”).

Configuring an existing form

General configuration

  1. Switch to the detailed view for a subscribe form.
  2. You can upload a header bar that then appears in the form.
  3. You can also configure the text for the form as required.

You are legally obliged to inform users before declaration of consent (i.e. before registering for the newsletter) of their right to revoke consent at any time. This warning must also note that they reserve the right to withdrawal, which can be exercised at any time in the future. It must also specify who users can turn to in this event (German telecommunications media law). You can add this note when configuring the subscribe form. We do not provide legal advice or assume liability for information provided here. If in doubt, please contact a lawyer.

Requested data

The Requested Data tab lets you specify which personal data fields you want to include in your registration besides the e-mail address (e.g. title, first name, last name, company, etc.).

  1. Click on Add Form Field.
  2. One after another, select the personal details fields you want to include in your form.
  3. You can specify a title for each field. This title is then displayed later on in the subscribe form next to the input field (e.g. “first name”).
  4. To add a personal data field as a form field, it must already have been created before (in the main menu select the Subscribers and then Custom Fields data fields).

Please note that only the e-mail address field is set as a mandatory field. All other fields are optional, in compliance with data privacy regulations.

Opt-in preferences

  • You can activate either a single or double opt-in method for your subscribe form.
  • You can configure text individually for opt-in mails. In the main menu, click on Subscribers and then select a recipient list. Then click on the Opt-in tab.


You can customize the design of your subscribe form in the templates tab. Use your own HTML and CSS formatting.

Integrating the registration form in your website

  • Click on the detailed view of the subscribe form on the website integration tab.
  • You can use two different source codes to embed in your website.
  • You can either embed the form in your page using a link. That’s easiest. A text or image is linked to your site (e.g. a message like “Register now for the newsletter”). Once the visitor clicks on this link, a new window opens with the registration form.
  • Alternatively, you can also embed the subscribe form directly in your site using an iFrame.