My campaigns are ending up in spam folders!


Spam is a widely discussed topic. Our membership in the Certified Senders Alliance guarantees delivery through many German ISPs (that is, the e-mail ends up in the recipient’s inbox!).

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What we do to avoid being classified as spam

  • Certification by the Certified Senders Alliance, the largest German-whitelisting project.
  • Close cooperation with other international providers to ensure comprehensive whitelisting.
  • Continuous optimization of our mail server and our send processes.
  • HTML optimization for the templates we develop and provide for use.

Watch out for the contents of your e-mailings

  • In most cases, if a newsletter goes directly to spam in a recipient’s e-mail software (e.g. Outlook), the problem has nothing to do with the method of delivery. Instead, it’s because of the e-mail’s contents. That’s something we can’t influence.
  • The best thing to do is take a close look at what you write. The subject line is particularly important. And try not to use dummy copy (e.g. Lorem ipsum dolor…) or repeat text blocks in an e-mail too often.